How to use the Kinect Library

May 25, 2013 at 4:10 AM
FIrst of all, many thanks Daniel James for your fantastic work and for publishing the library is such a professional way.

Second: I would like to know how to use your library within my application.

I have done this sofar:
  • included and referenced KinectLibrary (namespace) into my project (add reference and using)
  • Instantiate Main like this:
    Kinect k = new Kinect();
    Main m = new Main(k);
  • The I hooked up to the FingerRecognition_FingertipLocationsReady event handler.
  • Inside the event handler, I would like to access the position of the fingertips and do things with it such as:
String st = "";
        foreach (Fingertip ft in points)
            st = st + " " + ft.Position;
        myLabel.Content = st; 
But after building and starting my app, my app window freezes.

Is there anything I have forgotten?

Many thanks in advance.